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Canadian Banknote Auctions

Canada Paper Money Auctions

Auctions are an important part of Canadian numismatics.  Whether you are currently building a world class collection, or just looking to sell a single banknote, an auction is something you should consider.  While there are a handful of auction firms out there, we would strongly advise that you consider Stacks Bowers Banknote Auctions for the following reasons:

1)  Exposure – Rather than selling your item to a local shop that will likely offer a small fraction of the value, you can instead put the note in front of hundreds of interested collectors, dealers, and museums.  There is virtually no situation in which a local buyer could pay more than what you would realize at auction.  Stacks runs their auctions online and in person at huge coin/currency conventions.  So you get to take advantage of their web presence to expose your note to as many people as possible.

2)  Exchange Rate – Stacks Currency and Coin Auctions are held in US dollars.  And believe it or not, by number, there are more Canadian banknote collectors living in the US than Canada.  So you get to take advantage of the exchange rate to potentially see an extra 20-25% return just because of the location of the auction.

3)  Generous Cash Advances – Many people choose to sell locally rather than at auction because they feel like they need the money right away.  Stacks offers cash advances on many consignments.  In most situations they can match your local offer and you still get the upside of potentially getting a lot more money at auction.

4)  Guaranteed Minimums – Don’t be worried that your rare and treasured banknote that should be $2,000 is going to go to auction and sell for $100.  Things like that just don’t happen in today’s auction world.  The majority of banknotes are probably going to sell for more than you are expecting.  Stacks works with consignors so that a reserve or minimum opening bid is set so that your banknote doesn’t sell for less than what you want for it.

5)  Fully Insured & Documented – Some people get very scared about sending something to an auction because they are afraid it will get lost in the mail or they will somehow get cheated.  When dealing with Stacks, not only are your banknotes fully insured, but everything regarding the auction is documented in a formal contract.  There is no risk of you losing your banknote or somehow not getting paid.

6)  Professional – Don’t think of Stacks like your local barn auction that sells estates and home furnishings.  Stacks specializes in banknotes and coins.  Stacks held its first auction in 1933 and has dealt with tens of thousands of buyers and sellers since that time.  The sale is cataloged weeks in advance and is a huge attraction for dealers and collectors.  Absolutely every measure is taken so that you understand the auction process from start to finish.

7)  Local – Stacks has representatives in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec City, and a few other smaller towns.  They also have retail walk in locations through The United States, including in New York where you can sell coins in NYC at their flagship location.

8)  It’s Fun! – Auctions can get addicting for both buyers and sellers.  It is fun to chase deals and it is even more fun to see something you were offered $600 for end up selling for $6,000.