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Value of Old Banknotes from The Banque Canadienne Nationale of Montreal, Canada

Old Money from The Banque Canadienne Nationale of Montreal

The Banque Canadienne Nationale operated under that name from 1924 until 1979.  It became the The National Bank of Canada in 1979 when it merged with La Banque Provinciale du Canada.  It originally started life as La Banque Nationale in 1859.  That bank and Banque d’Hochelega merged to become The Banque Canadienne Nationale.  That is a brief history, but we are specifically looking at bank notes.  See the guide below for information about paper money from this institution.

1925 $5 Bills:

Official records show that 4,000,000 Le 1er Fev. 1925 $5 bank note were printed by The Banque Canadienne Nationale.  These are fairly common today.  Prices start at about $100 and go up from there based on condition.
canadienne nationale 1925 5

1925 $10 Bills:

These bank notes are dated as February 1st 1925 (except they are in French).  Just over 3.1 million of these were issued.  These are typically available for around $100 in heavily circulated condition.  High grade examples are of course worth more money.
canadienne nationale 1925 10

1925 $20 Bills:

Twenty dollar bank notes from 1925 printed by the Canadian Bank Note Company Limited for The Banque Canadienne Nationale are available, but definitely not common.  It is thought that 440,000 examples were printed.  Anything better than VF is rare.  Contact us for details.
canadienne nationale 1925 20

1925 $50 Bills:

This denomination is very scarce.  It was only printed in 1925 and 1929.  Just like all of the denominations from 1925, $50 bills have a portrait of J.A. Vaillancourt and Beaudry Leman.  Both men also signed each bank note.  Only 52,000 of these were printed.
canadienne nationale 1925 50

1925 $100 Bills:

This is the highest denomination issued by The Banque Canadienne Nationale in Montreal.  Each note has a purple tint.  In fact all of these notes from 1925 have the same design, just the colors are different.  Fives are green, tens are brown, twenties are blue, and fifties are olive.  One hundred dollar bills are rare.  Contact us for exact value information.
canadienne nationale 1925 100

1929 $5 Bills:

Records show that 2.2 million of these were printed.  A printing number that high means that survivors are available in large quantities today.  Prices start at around $100.  Each note has a green tint to it and has the standard 1929 date.
canadienne nationale 1929 5

1929 $10 Bills:

The Banque Canadienne Nationale had the Canadian Bank Note Company Limited print 1.6 million 1929 $10 bills for them.  Each note has a brown tint to it.  These are common in circulated grades.
canadienne nationale 1929 10

1929 $20 Bills:

Only 200,000 1929 $20 bank notes were printed.  That number is small enough to indicate that high grade examples should be hard to find.  Please contact us if you need exact pricing information.
canadienne nationale 1929 20

1929 $50 Bills:

Fifty dollar bills dated as Le 1er Fev. 1929 are scarce.  Only about a half dozen exist.  We don’t even know how many were printed.  They are beautiful bank notes for sure.  The orange color really pops.
canadienne nationale 1929 50

1929 $100 Bills:

Collectors have yet to discover a 1929 $100 bank note from The Banque Canadienne Nationale.  Proofs and specimens exist so we know that each note has a portrait and signature of F.L. Beique and Beaudry Leman.  Each note has a purple overprint.
canadienne nationale 1929 100

1935 $5 Bills:

These bank notes are relatively common.  Values are determined based on condition.  The range is about $50 to $500.  Each note has a portrait of Hon. J.M. Wilson and Beaudry Leman.  Each man’s signature also appears engraved on these notes.  The English date on these would read as January 2 1935.
canadienne nationale 1935 5

1935 $10 Bills:

All Le 2 Jan. 1935 $10 bank notes issued by The Banque Canadienne Nationale were printed by the Canadian Bank Note Company Limited.  These are common today.
canadienne nationale 1935 10


We buy all types of Canadian currency.  We are especially interested in bank notes from The Banque Canadienne Nationale of Montreal.  You might be surprised at how much money we can offer for some currency.  Send us an email with pictures of the front and back of your bank note and we will respond quickly with our offer.


Sample Bank Note Image:

Your piece of currency from The Banque Canadienne Nationale of Montreal could look similar to the one seen below.  The guide above mentions the different years and denominations.  Contact us for more value information.