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Value of Old Banknotes from The Quebec Bank, Canada

Old Money from The Quebec Bank

The Quebec Bank was open from 1818 until 1917.  It was purchased by The Royal Bank of Canada in 1917.  At the time it was acquired, The Quebec Bank had 58 branches and 22 million dollars in assets.  Our guide below has lots more information about bank notes from this institution.

Bank Notes from 1818 – 1819:

If you have a $10 bill from 1819 then it is almost certainly counterfeit.  All other denominations are extremely rare.  The Quebec Bank issued one, three, five, ten, and one hundred dollar bills dated as 20th October 1818 or 1819.  Authentic notes are extremely rare.  We would love to hear about an authentic bank note from this time period.

Bank Notes from 1820 – 1862:

It isn’t fair to The Quebec Bank, but we are grouping all of these notes together.  All notes from this time period have similar symptoms like thin paper, simple vignettes, and uninteresting layouts.  These just aren’t very popular bank notes.  With that said, these can still be very rare.  Lots of different denominations were issued for a whole bunch of different dates.  Please contact us if you need help valuing currency from the early days of The Quebec Bank’s existence.

Bank Notes from 1863:

The American Bank Note Co. New York printed one, two, four, five, and ten dollar bills for The Quebec Bank.  Each note is dated as 2nd Jany. 1863 or 2d Jany. 1863.  Each denomination comes in two varieties based on whether or not the bank note has a town overprint.  We are showing a $1 bill with and without the overprint below.  Each overprint is in blue ink and they could read as Gaspe, Ottawa, Payable In Toronto, St. Catherines Payable In Toronto, Payable In Montreal, Three Rivers, or Ottawa Payable In Montreal.  Notes with overprints are actually more common than notes without overprints.  Please contact us for exact pricing.
quebec 1863 no overprint
quebec 1863 with overprint

Bank Notes from 1870:

The Quebec Bank only issued four dollar bills in 1870.  This time the British American Bank Note Co. Montreal & Ottawa got the printing contract.  Each $4 bill is dated as Oct. 1st 1870.  It could have a blue overprint for Ottawa, Toronto, or Three Rivers.  It could also have no overprint at all.  Notes without overprints are definitely rarer than notes with overprints.
quebec 1870

Green Bank Notes from 1873 and 1888:

Any bank notes from 1873 or 1888 that have a green face print are grouped together because they have similar designs.  Notes could be dated as 2d. Jany. 1873, 1st Oct. 1873, or 3rd Jany. 1888.  Some notes could have red, blue, or purple overprints with the letters A, B, or D.  Five dollar bills issued by The Quebec Bank in 1888 are occasionally available.  All other green face notes are very rare.
quebec 1873 4 green
quebec 1873 5 green

Brown Bank Notes from 1888:

The Quebec Bank also issued brown face notes in 1888.  They have the same designs as green face $5 and $10 bills.  Brown notes are more common than green notes.  Some notes are stamped with a blue D.  Please contact us if you have specific value questions.
quebec 1888

Bank Notes from 1898:

The Quebec Bank issued bank notes from 1898 in very limited quantities.  Here is how they break down:  200,000 – $5 bills, 188,000 – $10 bills, 8,000 – $20 bills, 3,000 – $50 bills, and 3,000 – $100 bills.  As you might expect, the higher denominations are very rare.  Five dollar bills from 1898 are occasionally available.  The notes should be dated as Jany. 3d. 1898.  John Breakey signed each bank note.
quebec 1898

Bank Notes from 1901:

The American Bank Note Company printed five dollar bills in 1901 for The Quebec Bank.  Each $5 bill is dated as 2nd July 1901 and signed by John Breakey.  Most notes will not have an overprint, but some could have two red Vs on them.  Overprinted notes are very rare.  Regular issue 1901 $5 bills are out there, but they are scarce.
quebec 1901 5

Bank Notes from 1908:

Five and ten dollar bills were issued by The Quebec Bank in 1908.  Each note is dated as June 1st 1908.  There are actually two varieties.  Some have “Founded 1818” at the top of the note.  The $5 bill shown below is missing the overprint and the ten dollar bill has the founded 1818 text.  Both varieties are relatively scarce.  Please contact us with pictures of your bank note if you would like a free appraisal.
quebec 1908 5
Quebec 1908 10

Bank Notes from 1911:

The Quebec Bank issued notes in 1911 with similar designs to the 1908 bank notes.  All notes from 1911 are rare.  Twenty dollar bills are occasionally available.  Fifty and one hundred dollar bills are only held in museums.  All paper money from 1908 and 1911 was printed by the American Bank Note Company, Ottawa.  John T. Ross also signed each note.  We would love a chance to buy any of these bank notes.  Please contact us if you have something available for sale.
quebec 1911


We buy all types of Canadian currency.  We are especially interested in bank notes from The Quebec Bank.  You might be surprised at how much money we can offer for some currency.  Many notes are rare and quite valuable.  Send us an email with pictures of the front and back of your bank note and we will respond quickly with our offer.


Sample Bank Note Image:

Your piece of currency from The Quebec Bank could look similar to the one seen below.  Don’t worry if yours is different because there were lots of different designs and denominations used over the bank’s 100 year life.  For the record, we are showing a proof note.  An issued bank note would have signatures and a serial numbers.  Contact us for more value information.