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Bank of Canada Currency from 1954

Most collectors know that when you are dealing with currency The Bank of Canada issued in 1954 that you want to look for “devil’s face” or “devil’s head” bank notes. These are the first version of bank notes printed in 1954 and they are much rarer than “modified portrait” notes. Devil’s face notes show what appears to be a snarled and evil face in Queen Elizabeth’s hair. The hook nose is the easiest sign to spot. Devil’s face bank notes in high grades for the higher denominations are very rare and worth lots of money. The Queen and Canadian public didn’t like to see a satanic symbol on their circulating currency, so the Devil’s face was removed shortly after the first notes were issued. The value of any 1954 Canadian bank note is still based on the denomination, serial number, and condition. Send us pictures of your note if you need an exact appraisal.