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Bank of Canada Paper Money

Value of Bank Notes from The Bank of Canada

The Bank of Canada opened for business on March 11, 1935.  The earliest bank notes printed by the bank are dated as 1935 and reference the bank location in Ottawa.  Currency from 1935 and 1937 is going to have at least some collector value no matter the condition or denomination.  A general rule of thumb is that high grade notes and high denomination notes are far scarcer than low grade and low denomination notes (of course there are always exceptions).  Bank notes from 1954 can be valuable if they are the devil’s face variety.  Money printed after 1954 isn’t especially valuable.  We have organized our Bank of Canada bank note guide by year and then by denomination.  We provide free appraisals and purchase most bank notes.  Please send us an email and tell us what you have.  We will quickly respond with our buy price.  Manning@CanadaCurrency.com

Bank of Canada Currency from 1935

The Bank of Canada first issued paper money for the Canadian government in 1935. Ten different denominations were printed. The $25 bill is possibly the most interesting bank note from the series (surprisingly though, it wasn't the first time such a denomination was used in Canada). Five hundred dollar bills from 1935 are definitely the rarest for the series year. Most $500 bills are worth more than $25,000. Values for any denomination are really just based on condition. High grade bank notes are worth more than low grade bank notes. Click on an image below to learn more about exact pricing. Be sure you have a Bank of Canada note (English version) and not a Banque Du Canada (French version) note. The designs are the similar, but the values are very different. We have a separate guide for currency from La Banque Du Canada.

Bank of Canada Currency from 1937

Bank notes from 1937 are called bilingual notes because one side is in French and the other side is in English. Two years earlier, individual bank notes were printed for each language. That method proved to be very expensive, so The Bank of Canada started issuing the bilingual notes in 1937. Both the Canadian Bank Note Company and The British American Bank Note Company were responsible for printing their assigned denominations. Each note definitely has the chance to be rare and valuable. The value of each bank note is based on the signature combination and condition. There are some serial number oddities and printing varieties that can add further value. Click on your bank note below to learn more about how to value each denomination.

Bank of Canada Currency from 1954

Most collectors know that when you are dealing with currency The Bank of Canada issued in 1954 that you want to look for "devil's face" or "devil's head" bank notes. These are the first version of bank notes printed in 1954 and they are much rarer than "modified portrait" notes. Devil's face notes show what appears to be a snarled and evil face in Queen Elizabeth's hair. The hook nose is the easiest sign to spot. Devil's face bank notes in high grades for the higher denominations are very rare and worth lots of money. The Queen and Canadian public didn't like to see a satanic symbol on their circulating currency, so the Devil's face was removed shortly after the first notes were issued. The value of any 1954 Canadian bank note is still based on the denomination, serial number, and condition. Send us pictures of your note if you need an exact appraisal.

Bank of Canada Currency from 1967 and Newer

Our guide is focused on rare and collectible currency. If you have a Canadian bank note from The Bank of Canada that was printed after 1966, then it really doesn't have much of a chance to be collectible. These are just too new and were printed in large enough quantities that they aren't rare. We do not buy or value anything that is newer than 1954.


Send us an email and let us know how we can help. We can answer all questions. We provide free appraisals. If you are looking to sell then we would certainly like a chance to make an offer on your collection. We buy all Bank of Canada currency printed between 1935 and 1954. We look forward to hearing from you.