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Value of Newfoundland Government Cash Note for Five Dollars 2nd Series

Newfoundland Government Cash Note for Five Dollars 2nd Series

Description:   Most cash notes are found in heavily circulated condition. These are also relatively scarce no matter what; however, there is only a very thin market for them. We consider Newfoundland cash notes to be a specialty of ours. Please contact us if you need help valuing your bank note.

Varieties:   These can be dated as 1910-11, 1911-12, 1912-13, or 1913-14. Otherwise there are no design differences.

Quantity Issued:  113,600

Text:   Newfoundland Government Cash Note – Issued Under Act 10 Ed. VII Cap 1 – The Newfoundland Government will Pay the Bearer Five Dollars on Presentation of this note at the Bank of Montreal in St. John’s – Minister of Finance & Customs – Colonial Secretary



We buy all of these 1910-1914 five dollar cash notes from Newfoundland. Values are based purely on condition and actual issue year. If you would like our offer, then please send us pictures of your cash note. We will grade the paper money and respond back quickly with our buy and sell price. You might be surprised at how much money some cash notes can be worth.