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Value of Old Banknotes from La Banque Ville-Marie in Montreal, Canada

Old Money from La Banque Ville-Marie in Montreal

La Banque Ville-Marie was open from 1872 until 1899.  This was a legitimate banking institution but many officials associated with the bank abused their privileges and took excessive lines of credit or misused bank assets.  The president and chief accountant actually did time in jail for their role in the bank’s failure.  Of course we are more focused on bank notes rather than bank history.  Our guide below has much more information about paper money from La Banque Ville-Marie.

Bank Notes from 1873:

La Banque Ville-Marie in Montreal issued four, five, and ten dollar bills with a 2 Janvier 1873 (January) date.  These always have the engraved location of Montreal.  They could also have red or blue overprints.  “Troid-Rivieres”, “F”, “N N”, or “Sorel” could be stamped on these notes.  Contact us for pricing details.
Ville-Marie 1873

Bank Notes from 1879:

Four and five dollar bills were issued in 1879 with an engraved date of 1er Aout 1879 (August).  These can be signed by P.A. Fauteux, A. Fourteur, U. Garand, D.E. Papineau, or W. Weir.  These are very rare today.
Ville-Marie 1879

Bank Notes from 1885:

The British American Bank Note Co. Montreal & Ottawa printed five, ten, and fifty dollar bills dated as 1 Octobre (October) for La Banque Ville-Marie.  These are very rare today.  Only proofs are currently known to exist for $10 and $50 bills.  We have an issued $5 bank note shown below.  You can see the blue “N N” overprint on it.
Ville-Marie 1885

Bank Notes from 1889:

There are two varieties based on what color serial number each bank note has.  Red numbers and blue numbers were used on five, ten, and twenty dollar bills dated as 2me Janvier 1889.  None of these notes are common, but they do exist and some are held with collectors.  We have a red serial number note below.  A blue serial number note is at the bottom of the page.  We should also mention that the Canada Bank Note Co. Montreal printed the red serial number notes.  Some of these can have a blue “W W” overprint.  The British American Bank Note Co. Montreal printed the blue number notes.  Please contact us if you have something like this available for sale.
ville-marie 1889

Bank Notes from 1890:

La Banque Ville-Marie only issued fifty dollar bills in 1890 – no other denominations were printed.  They are dated as 1er Sept 1890 (September).  These are very rare.  We have a proof shown below.  An issued bank note would be a great discovery.
Ville-Marie 1890


We buy all types of Canadian currency.  We are especially interested in bank notes from La Banque Ville-Marie in Montreal.  You might be surprised at how much money we can offer for some currency.  Send us an email with pictures of the front and back of your bank note and we will respond quickly with our offer.


Sample Bank Note Image:

Your piece of currency from La Banque Ville-Marie in Montreal most likely looks like the note seen below.  It is the most “common” note from the bank.  If you have something different then it should be worth several thousands dollars or more.  Contact us for more value information.