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Value of Old Banknotes from The Molsons Bank of Montreal, Canada

Old Money from The Molsons Bank of Montreal

The Molsons Bank was open from 1837 until 1925.  And yes, it was run by the same people associated with Molsons beer.  The first bank notes they printed were dated as 1837.  They didn’t issue money again until 1853.  This is because Canada passed a law that limited banking institutions with note issuing rights to banks that were run purely by bankers.  The Molsons were disqualified because of their association with brewing and distilling.  In 1853 they started banking again under the Free Banking Act.  The Molsons Bank issued a huge variety of designs and denominations of currency.  Our guide below is very basic.  Please contact us if you have specific questions.  We are happy to provide free appraisals.  We are also very interested buyers.

Bank Notes from 1837:

The earliest bank notes from The Molsons Bank of Montreal were printed by Rawdon Wright & Hatch New-York.  They are dated as 1 Sept 1837.  One, two, and five dollar bills were issued.  They are all very rare today.  Remainders also exist; they too are rare.
molsons 1837

Bank Notes from 1853:

These notes are dated as October 1st 1853.  They are actually denominated in both dollars and pounds and shillings.  So there are one, two, five, twenty, and fifty dollar bills out there.  That corresponds to five shillings, ten shillings, twenty-five shillings, five pounds, and twelve pounds ten shillings.  Each bank note should be signed by Wm. Sache and Molson & Co.  Toppan, Carpenter, Casilear & Co, Montreal handled the printing duties.  Some notes could have a red overprint that says Montreal.  Others could have “ST. C” as a blue overprint.  Many notes have no overprints.  Please contact us for pricing information.
molsons 1853

Bank Notes from 1855:

October 1st 1855 bank notes are very diverse.  Six different denominations were issued by The Molsons Bank.  Some notes have the engraved city as Montreal; others are engraved as Toronto.  Still others could have red or blue overprints for London or Montreal.  Possible signors include Wm. Sache, F.J. Foy, F.W. Thomas, Wm. Molson, and Jno. Molson.  Most of these bank notes are at least somewhat rare.  Some are very rare.  Please contact us for details.
molsons 1855

Bank Notes from 1857:

Molsons Bank issued one and two dollar bills dated as 1st Oct. 1857.  These are scarce as $1 bills and very rare as $2 bills.
molsons 1857

Bank Notes from 1871:

The Molsons Bank chose to issue just six and seven dollar bills in 1871.  The British American Bank Note Co. Montreal & Ottawa printed each denomination.  The exact date is 1st Nov. 1871.  These are popular with collectors because they are rare and strange.  We would welcome the chance to purchase a $6 or $7 bill.
molsons 1871

Bank Notes from 1872 – 1901:

Four, five, and ten dollar bills were issued by The Molsons Bank between 1872 and 1901.  There are eleven different issue dates.  They are: 1st June 1872, June 1st 1872, June 1st 1875, 1st June 1880, 2nd July 1890, 3rd Jany 1893, 2nd Jany 1897, 2nd July 1898, 3rd July 1899, 2nd Jany 1900, 2nd July 1901.  Keep in mind that there are lots of counterfeit 1901 $5 bills.  The counterfeits usually have the serial number 214258.  All authentic notes from this series should be worth at least $1,000.  Some could be worth considerably more.  Please contact us for details.
molsons 1872

Reissued Bank Notes from 1891, 1899, and 1901:

The Molsons Bank had the British American Bank Note Co. Montreal reprint some of their old 1855 designs on bank notes dated as Jan 2nd 1891, 3rd July 1899, and 1st Oct 1901.  Notes could be signed by Jas. Elliot, John H.R. Molson, or Wm. M. Macpherson.  Only twenty and fifty dollar bills were reprinted.  These are all very rare today.
molsons reissue

1903 & 1904 $5 Bills:

These notes can be dated as 2nd Jan 1903, 2nd May 1904, or Jan 2nd 1904.  Condition is very important when dealing with this series.  Prices can be as little as $500 to more than $3,000.  It is all about condition.  Send us pictures of what you have if you need more exact values.
molsons 1903 5

1903 & 1904 $10 Bills:

These are really very beautiful bank notes, especially in high grades.  They were issued for the same January and May dates as the 1903 and 1904 $5 bills above.  Ten dollar notes from 1903 are much rarer than 1904 examples.  Condition is still very important.
molsons 1904 10

1904 $20 Bills:

The Molsons Bank issued $20 bills in 1904.  We have an example of one seen below.  Each note should be signed by Wm. M. Macpherson.  Prices ranges from $1,000 to $10,000 based on condition.
molsons 1904 20

1905 $5 Bills:

Each 1905 five dollar bill has a portrait of Wm M. MacPherson and Wm. Molson.  There are two varieties based on whether MacPherson’s shoulders are turned or straight.  Molson is on the left.  Most notes are dated as Oct 2nd 1905.  Some very rare $5 bills are dated as October 1st 1905.
molsons 1905 5

1905 $10 Bills:

The same information about 1905 $5 bills also applies to 1905 $10 bills from The Molsons Bank.  October 1st notes are very rare.  Shoulders facing right are also rare.  Otherwise condition is still very important.  If you send pictures of your bank note then we would be happy to advise as to the value.  Both 1905 notes we are showing are the more common shoulders facing front variety.
molsons 1905 10

1908 $5 Bills:

We know that the American Bank Note Co. Ottawa printed 151,00 1908 five dollar bills for The Molsons Bank.  Each note is dated as 2d January 1908.  These are readily available in circulated condition.  High grade notes are definitely scarcer.
molsons 1908 5

1908 $10 Bills:

Ten dollar bills from 1908 are similar to five dollar bills.  Both are dated as Janaury 2nd 1908.  Each note has a portrait of Sir William Molson Macpherson and William Molson.  Macpherson also signed each bank note.  These are slightly rarer than 1908 $5 bills.  Records show that 60,000 $1908 $10 bills were printed.
molsons 1908 10

1912 $5 Bills:

Both denominations of currency issued by The Molsons Bank in 1912 were printed by Waterlow & Sons Ld, London Wall.  Five dollar bank notes are dated as 2nd January 1912.  The central image is a vignette of William Molson.  Please contact us if you need pricing help.
molsons 1912 5

1912 $10 Bills:

Ten dollar bills from 1912 are about twice as rare as 1912 $5 bills.  Each ten dollar bill has a portrait of Sir William Molson Macpherson.  These are occasionally available in low grades.  High grade examples are scarce.
molsons 1912 10

1914 $50 Bills:

The Molsons Bank issued Jan. 2nd 1914 $50 bank notes.  These are scarce today.  Even a heavily circulated example should be worth more than $5,000.  William Molson is pictured on the front of the bill.
molsons 1914 50

1914 $100 Bills:

These have the same January 1914 date as $50 bills.  One hundred dollar bills are slightly rarer though.  Each note is complete with a portrait of S.H. Ewing.  This note has a very distinctive layout and it is a favorite of ours.  Please let us know if you have one for sale.
molsons 1914 100

1916 $10 Bills:

The Molsons Bank only issued ten dollar bank notes in 1916.  They are all dated as 3rd January 1916.  The man on the right hand side of each bank note is William Molson Macpherson.  Macpherson also signed each bank note.  These are relatively common in circulated condition.  As always, high grade examples are much more difficult to locate.
molsons 1916 10

1918 $5 Bills:

Two different dating marks were used on 1918 $5 bills.  Some say 2d July 1918.  Others are 2nd July 1918.  Please contact us if you need help valuing your bank note.  We are also buyers.
molsons 1918 5

1918 $10 Bills:

These ten dollar bills come in two different varieties.  The slightly more common type says “General Manager” under the right signature.  Others says “For General Manager” instead.  As is the case with most 20th century Molsons notes, these are relatively common in low grades but difficult to locate in XF or better condition.
molsons 1918 10

1922 $5 Bills:

This is the most common note that The Molsons Bank issued.  They were all printed by the British American Bank Note Co. Ottawa.  The date reads as July 3rd 1922.  F.W. Molson is on the right hand side of each note.  His signature is also engraved on each bank note.  The signature of Edw. C. Pratt also appears on each $5 of these bills.
molsons 1922 5

1922 $10 Bills:

These ten dollar bills from 1922 have an engraved portrait of William Molson at the center of each note.  These can sell for as little as about $150.  Nice examples are certainly worth a multiple of that though.  Contact us for details.
molsons 1922 10


We buy all types of Canadian currency.  We are especially interested in bank notes from The Molsons Bank of Montreal.  You might be surprised at how much money we can offer for some currency.  We have paid in excess of $10,000 for rare Molsons notes.  Send us an email with pictures of the front and back of your bank note and we will respond quickly with our offer.


Sample Bank Note Image:

Your piece of currency from The Molsons Bank of Montreal could look similar to the one seen below.  There are dozens of designs across several different denominations, so don’t worry if yours is different. Contact us for more value information.