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Value of Old Banknotes from The Bank of New Brunswick in Saint John, Canada

Old Money from The Bank of New Brunswick in Saint John

The Bank of New Brunswick was the first bank in Canada to operate under a charter.  The bank opened in 1820 in Saint John.  In 1839 it bought out The City Bank and in 1901 it purchased the Summerside Bank.  The Bank of New Brunswick was sold to The Bank of Nova Scotia in 1913.  Despite being open for almost 100 years, the bank did not have a tremendous amount of paper money issued.  Our guide below has more information.

Bank Notes from 1820 – 1884:

Early bank notes from The Bank of New Brunswick are not very exciting.  However, they are definitely rare.  Issue dates can range from 1820 to 1884.  Older isn’t necessarily better though.  Even the most common notes from this time period are going to sell for around $1,000.  Rarer bank notes could be worth closer to $5,000.  Keep in mind that lots of counterfeits are out there too.  If you have a note from The Bank of New Brunswick that was printed before 1885, then please send us a picture of it.  We can tell you if it is authentic, check it for varieties, and tell you how much it is worth.
early bank note Bank NB

Bank Notes from 1892:

Most collectors would say that The Bank of New Brunswick finally got it “right” in 1892.  Bank notes from March 25th 1892 are much more modern looking and their eye appeal is multiple times better than the earlier bank notes.  The American Bank Note Co. New York printed five and ten dollar bills.  Each note is signed by J. Clawson and J.D. Lewin.  There are varieties based on whether or not the note is overprinted with a red V (for $5 bills) or a red X (for $10 bills).  All ten 1892 ten dollar bills are very rare.  Five dollar bills from 1892 are also uncommon, but they are still more available than ten dollar notes.  Five dollar bills with two red Vs (as seen below) are the rarest of the entire series.  Please contact us for exact pricing information.
1892 5 bank NB
1892 10 bank NB

Bank Notes from 1903 – 1906:

The American Bank Note Co. Ottawa printed five, ten, twenty, and fifty dollar bills for The Bank of New Brunswick.  These can be dated as 1st September 1903, 2nd January 1904, or 2nd January 1906.  Each denomination has two varieties based on whether the left signature is marked “Manager” or “For General Manager”.  Neither variety really affects the value.  James Manchester signed and is pictured on each denomination.  Generally speaking, five and ten dollar bills have similar values and rarities.  Twenty and fifty dollar bills are extremely rare.  We would love the chance to buy any denomination from this time period.
1904 5 bank NB
1903 10 Bank NB


We buy all types of Canadian currency.  We are especially interested in bank notes from The Bank of New Brunswick in Saint John.  You might be surprised at how much money we can offer for some currency.  Send us an email with pictures of the front and back of your bank note and we will respond quickly with our offer.


Sample Bank Note Image:

Your piece of currency from The Bank of New Brunswick in Saint John could look similar to the one seen below.  We are showing a proof note.  It doesn’t have a serial number or signatures.  An issued bank note would be more desirable and worth more money.  Contact us for more value information.