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Value of Old Banknotes from The Royal Canadian Bank in Toronto, Canada

Old Money from The Royal Canadian Bank in Toronto

The Royal Canadian Bank was open from 1864 until 1876.  A merger with The City Bank resulted in the organization of the aptly named Consolidated Bank of Canada.  The Royal Canadian Bank was basically forced to merge due to poor management and other unwise financial decisions.  It did issue bank notes during its lifetime.  See our guide below for more information.

Bank Notes from 1865:

The Royal Canadian Bank issued lots of different paper money dated as 1865.  The exact dates are July 4 1865 and 26th July 1865.  Each note should be signed by T. Woodside or W. Sache.  Other signors include Jas. Metcalfe, A.M. Smith, G.M. Knight, M.H. Gault, and John Crawford.  The Duke of Wellington, Prince of Wales, Princess or Wales, Prince Albert, and Queen Victoria are shown on select denominations.  Some notes were printed by The American Bank Note Company and others were printed by The Continental Bank Note Co New York.  One, two, five, and ten dollar bills were issued.  There are a couple dozen different varieties based on whether the date is engraved or written, whether the note has blue or red sheet numbers, and whether the note is payable at Toronto or Montreal.  And we are not even counting all of the overprint varieties, which include:  C, K, T, T T, Cobourg, Ottawa, Paris, and Woodstock.  Needless to say, if you have a bank note from this time period then it would be wise to send us a picture of it.  You could have a rare variety that a casual observer might not be able to recognize.  We can tell you that the least something from this time period should be worth is about $1,000.  Many varieties can be worth more money.  Contact us for a free appraisal.
Royal Canadian Bank 1865 5

Bank Notes from 1870 – 1872:

The British American Bank Note Co. Montreal & Ottawa handled the printing duties for The Royal Canadian Bank from 1870 to 1872.  It issued four, five, ten, twenty, fifty, and one hundred dollar bills.  All notes were signed by M. Lang and John Crawford.  These can be dated as July 1st 1870, 2nd Oct 1871, or 1st July 1872.  Not every note will be overprinted, but if an overprint is present then it will say A, Montreal, Belleville, or Belleville and The Consolidated Bank of Canada.  The overprint can be in red or blue ink.  Values on these notes start at about $1,000.  Prices go up from there based on denomination and condition.  Some are very rare.  We would certainly welcome the chance to purchase one of these bank notes.
royal canadian bank 1872 10


We buy all types of Canadian currency.  We are especially interested in bank notes from The Royal Canadian Bank in Toronto.  You might be surprised at how much money we can offer for some currency.  Send us an email with pictures of the front and back of your bank note and we will respond quickly with our offer.


Sample Bank Note Image:

Your piece of currency from The Royal Canadian Bank in Toronto could look similar to the one seen below.  There are dozens of different notes from this bank.  Different designs, denominations, and overprints are possible.  So don’t worry if yours is different. Contact us for more value information.